Our MINISTRY TEAMS seek to fulfill the goals of our church through ministry and to create a support system around the staff charged with leading our ministries. 

If you are interested in being part of a MINISTRY TEAM at NCEL please let us know.


We love joyful, cross-cultural, God-honoring worship.

We want our worship together to be a little taste of heaven, where every nation and tongue will enjoy God's presence together. That's why we bring the cultural styles of East Lake - African-American, Latino and white - into our worship eery Sunday.

Our WORSHIP TEAM works with our Worship Director to make that joyful noise.

Want to ...

  • Be a part of our Praise Team?
  • Help run Sound or slide projection?
  • Be on our greeting team?
  • Help adorn our cross installation?

Reach out to the WORSHIP TEAM at worship@newcityeastlake.com

The WORSHIP TEAM has special care of:

  • Our Praise Team
  • Worship Litany & Aesthetics
  • The Cross Installation
  • Ushering


We seek to produce disciples who know the Bible and its application to personal godliness, starting with our children.

Jesus took special attention to children and we want to do the same.

Our CHILDREN & YOUTH team works with the children & youth of New City East Lake to bring them up "in the nurture and admonition of the Lord"

Want to...

  • Know more about children's church?
  • Volunteer in the nursery?
  • Help us start a youth group?

Reach out to the CHILDREN & YOUTH TEAM at childrenandyouth@newcityeastlake.com

The CHILDREN & YOUTH MINISTRY TEAM has special care of:

  • Nursery & Children's Church
  • Programs for Youth
  • Pray for Me Campaign
  • Our Relationship with East Lake Montessori


We strive for an honest life of relationships with the church which visibly demonstrate to all the love of Jesus Christ.

We really love spending time together at the church, in the neighborhood, and around the city. God uses all these relationships to grow us in grace.

Our FELLOWSHIP TEAM fosters this togetherness so that the world will know us by our love.

Want to...

  • Get connected?
  • Receive care from NCEL?
  • Know more about Small Groups?
  • Join a Life Transformation Group?

Reach out to the Fellowship Team at fellowship@newcityeastlake.com

The FELLOWSHIP TEAM has special care of:

  • Care Groups
  • Small Groups
  • Life Transformation Groups
  • Meals, Special Events & Retreats
  • Church Hospitality


We work to produce servants of the kingdom of God who are instruments of reconciliation, mercy, and justice in the community of East Lake and beyond.

The Gospel drives us outward. We have a Great Commission from our Savior that presses us into our community with good news of a coming kingdom. 

Our OUTREACH TEAM works with Eunice Mendoza and our ministry leaders to seek out those outside the walls of our church.

Want to...

  • Tutor after-school students at ELECT?
  • Teach English as a Second Language?
  • Learn how to share the gospel with your neighbor?

Reach out to the OUTREACH TEAM at outreach@newcityeastlake.com

The OUTREACH TEAM has special care of:

  • English as a Second Language (ESL)
  • Our ELECT tutoring Program
  • Vacation Bible School
  • Our EATS food Ministry
  • Our Partnership with Expression Engine
  • Our Partnership with LifeSpring Health Clinic


By creating a healthy church model, we hope to promote and plant like-minded congregations in our city and around the world.

We're stewards of a great building in the heart of East Lake, and stewards of so many gifts within our congregation. As we cultivate all these gifts, we humbly hope for growth in our gospel work.

Our ADMIN TEAM works with the administrative secretary to keep our systems up and running.

Want to...

  • Know the latest happenings at NCEL?
  • Get an announcement out to the church?
  • Report a dripping faucet?

Reach out to the ADMIN TEAM at admin@newcityeastlake.com

The ADMIN TEAM has special care of:

  • The Building & Grounds Committee
  • The Financial Committee
  • Church Calendar
  • Communications
  • General Administration Needs


Our deepest hope is to be a gospel-centered church, anchored in the teaching of our Lord Jesus in the Scriptures.

We believe that everything we need to know about God, salvation, faith & life is found in the pages of the Old and New Testaments. Our work as believers is to uncover that Truth together in community.

To that end, our TEACHING TEAM works closely with our Pastor and other teachers throughout the church to bring the Word of God to bear on East Lake.

Want to...

  • Know the class schedule for our 10 a.m. Gatherings?
  • Be trained as a leader?
  • Join the church?
  • Send some encouragement to our pastor?

Reach out to the TEACHING TEAM at teaching@newcityeastlake.com

The TEACHING TEAM has special care of:

  • Our Preaching Plan
  • 10 a.m. Gatherings
  • Our New Members Class
  • Our Leadership Class
  • Care of our Pastor
  • Counseling Needs
  • Personnel Needs
  • Pastoral Development