The 2015 Hispanic PCA Convocation was a huge success!

Last weekend our denomination held its annual convocation on Hispanic ministry in the PCA. This event is put together by our friend Rev. Hernando Saenz, Hispanic American Ministries Coordinator for MNA. At this convocation we got to hear about the current state of multiethnic and bilingual churches in the PCA as well as other topical sessions geared to orient hispanic and american leaders on multiethnic ministries in the PCA. 

Hernando spoke about the increasing number of PCA churches that are adopting multiethnic and bilingual models like our own. Check out the current numbers in our denomination, Multiethnic-bilingual churches: 39 (back in 2000 there were only 2), Ordained Hispanic Teaching Elders: 32, Hispanic candidates that are preparing for the gospel ministry: 18. It was fascinating to hear Hispanic attendees speak so well about Christ's work in our denomination!

There were three sessions: "Integration process for a Hispanic group in a predominately Anglo church" by Rev. William Castro, Assistant Pastor at Mitchell Road Presbyterian Church, "How to help [Latino] congregation gain ownership of the ministry" by Rev. Brad Taylor, Hispanic Community Pastor at Briarwood Presbyterian Church and  "How small groups break down barriers and promote growth in a multi ethnic church" by Rev. Alex Villasana, Pastor at Christos Community Church. The presentations were encouraging and insightful. Several Hispanic lay leaders were accompanied by American pastors that have been discipling and introducing them to our denomination.

We had a great time at the convocation and were excited to share with our brothers the great relationships that NCEL has and is continuing to establish with our Latino brothers - all thanks to Christ. 

Thank you for believing in the power of the gospel and the reconciling effects it has in our neighborhood. 

Pablo Mazariegos,

Assistant to the pastor.