Spanish Palm Sunday Service

Last weekend we held a Spanish Palm Sunday service. Friends from ELECT, ESL, EATS, ELEE, Spanish Bible Study and Glenwood’s ESL Ministry joined us to celebrate Christ’s triumphal entry. Here is a brief recap on the event.

Our friends and guests were from Argentina, Colombia, Bahamas, Ecuador, Guatemala and Mexico. Pastor Jim preached in Spanish and our Worship Team lead us in Spanish worship. All of our spanish-speaking friends got to sing and hear the gospel in their own heart language!

Following the service we provided a meal for fellowship. The food was delicious! And seeing several ESL instructors, elders and staff meet and fellowship with our friends was wonderful. Volunteers, thank you for making this event so welcoming!

We hope and plan to hold more services like Palm Sunday where all of us can be called and encouraged to follow Christ. Thank you for keeping the mission of the church in your prayers.

Pablo Mazariegos,

Assistant to the Pastor