Mens Retreat Schedule

The retreat is happening this coming weekend. Here are some details:

The lodge has been reserved for Friday night as well. The official start time for the retreat is Saturday, but people are welcome to come up Friday to enjoy the park/ lodge. There is no set schedule/ agenda during this time and you will be responsible for your own food Friday evening. Contact John-Mark Chesney if you want to come up Friday evening.

ITEMS TO BRING: Bible, jounal, $10 (for the state park admission fee), linens/ sleeping bag, frisbee golf disc (they usually have some to purchase up there if needed) indoor games for evening time/ or if we have bad weather.

The scripture that we will be focusing on: first small group session: Exodus 3; Second small group session: Jeremiah 17:5-10.

SCHEDULE (some times might change slightly)
Saturday - 9-10 am Check in
- 10-12 am: morning outdoor activity (hiking/ biking/ frisbee golf - bring your disc!...)
- 12-1 pm: lunch
- 1- 1:30 pm: Afternoon individual devotional time
- 1:30-2:30 pm: breakout small group time
- 2:30-6 pm: outdoor activities
- 6-7 pm: dinner
- 7- 7:30 pm: small group break out
- 7:30- 8:30 pm: worship time
- 8:30- 11 pm: short sunset hike (?), camp fire (?), card games, ghost stories,

- Devotional time and breakfast
- people leave respective times for NCEL church service