Worship Director Position - Open Immediately

Position: 20-30 hours per week, to be determined by Worship Director.
Salary/Benefits: determined at $15/hr, with benefits. Estimated Yearly Pay:
  • at 30 hours per week: $23,400
  • at 25 hours per week: $19,500
  • at 20 hours per week: $15,600

If interested, send resumé (required), cover letter (required) and any relevant evidence of worship leadership i.e. performance clips, recorded music (not required) to: Tom Horne, elder: TMH@lutheranderson.com

About New City East Lake

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New City East Lake seeks to be a cross-cultural worshiping community ministering to people of all ethnicities, classes, and cultures. We are centered in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and dedicated to producing discipled believers who become God's instruments of grace, justice, and mercy in Chattanooga, TN and around the world.

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Worship Director | Job Description

  • Spiritual Leadership

The worship director must be a person of God and prayer, who knows by personal daily experience what it means to be renewed in God’s grace, and who demonstrates godliness in personal relationships in his family, the church and the community. They must work as a team with the staff to promote the interests of Jesus Christ and reconciliation in our church, encouraging those involved in worship and music ministries in their spiritual and musical development.

  • Administrative Leadership

The worship director will organize and direct the daily operations that facilitate the worship needs of the church. These needs will be based on guidelines laid out below and by the senior pastor, and will include the basic requirements for an orderly worship year, the management of the physical worship space including the “Living Cross”, the sound production equipment, the lobby gallery space, and a music office that stores sound equipment, files, and instruments.

  • Worship Leadership

The worship director must develop the worship service in accord with the senior pastor. The directive to vary the liturgy, instrumentation, and diversity of musical participants and styles of music is one that will be encouraged by the senior pastor and members of the session.

1) The worship director must engage the worshipper in Biblical truth, stir the heart of the believer and draw the unbeliever toward the Savior for the glory and honor of God by:

  • Leading the worship team which mobilizes the church in:
    • pursuing, discipling and developing musicians (vocalists and instrumentalists)
  • Increasing the ethnic diversity and age range of musicians (vocalists and instruments)
  • Intentionally varying liturgy and styles of music
    • Giving attention to the church calendar as a discipleship tool
    • Continual reference to the cross cultural mission of the church
      • On any given Sunday
      • Latino Heritage Month -- September
      • Black History Month -- February
  • Drawing the children and youth of East Lake to active participation in worship

2) They must make all necessary arrangements for the coordination of participants, sound system requirements, instruments, and all physical arrangements for the worship services on Sunday morning, evenings and special occasions. 

3) They must recruit, supervise, rehearse and prepare instrumentalists and vocalists

4) Develop and oversee an annual worship and music budget

Ministry Support Partnerships

Within the time allotted to the job, the worship director ought to be a resource to the outreach ministries of New City East Lake which may at times require music and worship.

Some of these ministries include:

● The after school tutoring program ELECT (East Lake Every Child Taught) and its summer day camp.

● Vacation Bible School, each July

● Expression Engine Partnership. The East Lake Expression Engine music program equips children in our ministries with a practical understanding of music theory.

There may be other requests from time to time from other ministries for music or worship. The policy for requests from the music director in these areas will be made and managed by the director himself. When formulated this policy will be approved by the session of the church. This policy will help to protect both the director and the church from not setting proper boundaries.