Fellowship Team Update

New City East Lake (NCEL) is a church body that was formed from our mother church, New City Fellowship, Glenwood. SO you ever wonder what happened to the “fellowship” at NCEL. Why did we drop the “fellowship” from our name? Do we as a church body value “fellowship”. I can’t say that I have all the answers, but I’m guessing that it was an issue of practicality. New City Fellowship East Lake just seemed like a mouthful, so “fellowship” was dropped.

But have you heard the big news? The “fellowship” is back at NCEL. No we aren’t changing our name, but there is a new team forming at NCEL- The Fellowship Team.

If you missed the last congregational meeting in early March, then this might be news to you.  The Team structure at NCEL is getting an overhaul. This will be an important step for our church as we move towards particularization (becoming an official church instead of a worship site).  I’d encourage you to keep your ears out for the next congregational meeting where this information will be presented again as well as some time for discussion. Be thinking and praying about what “Team” you might like to be a part of. 

The newly formed “Fellowship Team” is currently seeking new team members. Let me know if this might be you!


John-Mark Chesney