Update: Hispanic Leadership Initiative

Hola queridos,

Thank you for being part of my team, your partnership and prayers mean so much to me. Our Father has encouraged me that His people have gathered around me and backed my desire to serve the church. God has greatly blessed me this last month, so let me share so you may join me in praising our wonderful Father. 

Last month I was in a car accident. I hit a truck damaging the front of my vehicle and several internal parts. Only having liability insurance and being at fault, I panicked thinking about the financial implications. Thankfully, the Christian gentleman I hit reassured me his truck wouldn’t need body work, whereas I was going to need to see the mechanic and a body shop, fast! Needless to say, I was distraught over finances and concerned about how I was going to get by for work and even complete my internship. 

In the evening of day 3 of my frustrated despair, I received a phone call from our church administrator, telling me that someone anonymously donated $4,500 to help me fix my vehicle. In the span of 32 days, I was car-less only 1 day and my car looks better than before the accident. My church family came around me, loaned me their cars, and helped me save money because Lord knows I couldn’t rent one in the meantime. Once again, God has shown me who He is… my Father, Provider, Sustainer, and Friend. He soothed my insecurities showing me I am to live with hope in the present and with trust in the future. 

Over the weekend I attended MTW’s Global Missions Conference in Dallas, TX representing HLI. It was a time of learning, catching up with good friends, and meeting new ones. As far as prayers are concerned, please continue to pray as I wrap up the last 6 months of my intership. I am confident of my transition plan which includes a proposal I’ve sent into our session concerning future plans for the youth ministry. As you know, I am searching for a job to meet my priorities of paying off my college debt and supporting myself. I have a few options to consider, so please pray with me as none of these make for easy decisions. Thank you for praying with me. 

Con gracia, amor y paz,

Evangelina Castillo