Saludos deste East Lake!

Queridos amigos y familia, I am glad for our relationship and for the updates from you guys. You are a blessing to me and to my faith. As I’ve mentioned before, I consider you part of my team and I am regularly reminded that you are praying for me. I continue to pray for you all and ask that you please continue to do the same for me during my time here at New City East Lake and in Chattanooga, TN.

Last time I updated you, I mentioned that a friends’ 15-year-old goddaughter, Roxanna, had recently arrived in Chattanooga. She is the American-born Guatemalan girl I asked you to pray for. You may remember I asked for prayer on her living situation and change in guardianship as her parents stayed in Guatemala. I just wanted to thank you all for your prayers on her behalf. I have been so blessed by this young girl in her short time here and I want to share with you the incredible ways God has blessed our prayers for her. Roxanna has since been able to move in with her padrinos, godparents, and now they are her legal guardians. She has been enrolled in a local high school and here’s the best part… she has also come to profess faith in Jesus Christ. Both of her padrinos have become Christians within the last 2 years and their home is a real place of blessing.

It makes me tear up just thinking about the way God has been working in her life, especially considering her recent history. The journey to America is not an easy one and is often made out of necessity, as in her case. She was originally sent to find work to help her family out financially. But as an American, her padrinos have been very firm that she has to be enrolled in school. She doesn’t have to pay rent or for her own things with her padrinos, something she would have done with the relatives she was originally sent to. Roxy misses her parents and has much sorrow. Being in school is a joy and a great challenge as she is immersed in English and misses out on much of the material. I know the culture shock is difficult too. I’ve started mentoring her and meeting regularly with her for Bible study. Friday meetings with her have become some of my favorite times of the week because her hunger for God is so refreshing. Please pray that God would be her comfort and her strength as she settles into her new American life.

Another update is that the weekly girls youth Bibles study I lead has recently grown to 5-6 girls. There are two girls I am sure are young Christians, so for the most part, our time together is more evangelistic in nature. Please pray for this group of girls as I meet with them. As a practical request, I honestly need to recruit a helper to join us and help me give these girls rides to the church. God has also made it clear to me I am to continue to seek after them despite their occasional lack of desire to meet or apparent lack of desire to know God. This is what he does with us. He seeks after us even when we do not want to know him or spend time getting to know him. It actually makes me love Jesus more because he puts up with all our indifference to him and still pursues us. He is such a great Shepherd, isn’t he?

Thank you for your prayers and financial partnership, I pray God blesses you.

Con La Paz y El Amor de Nuestro Padre,

Evangelina Castillo


Eva Castillo makes announcements on Sunday morning at New City East Lake.