MNA Hurricane Harvey Update

Hurricane Harvey - Update - August 28, 2017

The situation in Texas has gone from bad to worse. As of this morning, Monday, August 28, we know of at least 25 PCA families that have had their homes flooded; that number will rise significantly over the next few days.  At least two PCA physical plants have flooding and the flooded area is growing by the minute.  Harvey is forecast to be back over water just offshore of the coast during the next couple of days and there is potential for re-strengthening.  We have received reports that some PCA folks are awaiting rescue as the water continues to rise; another 25" of rain or more is predicted over the next few days.

MNA Disaster Relief Website

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MNA = Mission to North America
MNA Disaster Response continues to consult with leaders in TX and will continue to be until we can get into the area to assess how we might respond with them. Flooded roadways are preventing access at the time with no movement in or out. However, MNA will begin sending mobile bunkhouses, shower trailers, and other equipment into the area over the next few days to standup relief operations by pre-positioning this large equipment just outside of the hardest hit areas so that we can move in as soon as safe access is permitted. MNA is working with leaders to determine the best strategic host sites.

What we CAN do...
1. There is a Need for Flood Buckets to help with immediate needs in Houston. MNA Disaster Response is requesting our help to help those who are impacted by these floods. Flood buckets are needed by the hundreds to help people begin the clean up process. The MNA Disaster Response warehouse provides a place to store these buckets so that they can be shipped immediately to affected areas.  Click here to see how to assemble a bucket.  

As  buckets are gathered at New City Fellowship, they will deliver them to MNA's Disaster Response Warehouse in Rome, Georgia, to be delivered to Texas. Contact NCF for more details.

2. Pray now for those being overwhelmed by this disaster, especially our sister churches and members who have lost everything.  

3. Pray about your involvement in future weeks and months to partner with MNA sending teams to help in the recovery effort.  We will keep you informed of these efforts and what we as a church and Presbytery can continue to do. 

Visit the MNA website for updates.