UPDATE: Hispanic Leadership Initiative

Hola queridos,
I am so glad to be back in the swing of things here in Chattnooga. My intership is going
well and our youth ministry at New City East Lake has launched! Thursday the 14 th
marked our fifth meeting and in October we will begin meeting on Sunday nights. God
has answered our prayers for male leaders. I am very grateful for the church’s support
and encouragement for the youth along the way.
The final day of my internship is May 31 st 2018. Oh! Whats that you say? That I only
have 8.5 months left to launch the youth ministry at East Lake? Why, yes, thats about
right! I’m constantly reminded of my limited time at East Lake and that perhaps I am
crazy to launch this in a short time-frame. To be honest, this both causes me anxiety
and also encourages me to want to enable volunteers in leadership. Please pray with
me as I seek to delegate my roles and to name their gifts as they develop and serve the
youth. I believe this can be an empowering act I can offer the volunteers as we serve
alongside eachother.
I have asked you to pray for my discernment as the end of my intership comes along.
Perhaps I would be wiser to concern myself about my next step later, but I’m human
and I don’t always take my own advice. It may still be too early to seriously start looking,
but the Lord has put a strong conviction on my heart, that my priority needs to be to pay
off my college debt. Believe me, the calling to serve the church vocationally is still
strong. Though I am growing comfortable with the idea of “leaving” ministry for a time to
be able to fully pursue it in my future. So please pray that I continue reminding myself to
be fully present at NCEL. Thank you for your prayers for me. It means so much.
Con gracia y paz,
Evangelina Castillo