To be a gospel-centered church in the East Lake community,  representing God’s kingdom through reconciliation, justice and mercy, as taught by our Lord Jesus Christ in the Scriptures.




1.  We want to be a congregation which always operates out of the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

2. We want our worship to be like the worship in the Psalms:  joyful, expressive and reflecting the diversity of people from our community.

3. We want to make disciples who know the Bible, and its relevant application to personal godliness, to our culture and to issues of mercy and justice. 

4. We want to be a welcoming community of people who are connecting to one another in honest relationships which visibly demonstrate to all the love of Jesus Christ.

5. We want to be servants of the kingdom of God who are instruments of racial reconciliation, mercy and justice, in the community of East Lake and beyond.

6. We want to promote and plant like-minded congregations in our city and around the world.


We are a congregation of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). Our denomination emphasizes connectional and confessional life as a church, meaning we operate in a system of church government that connects us to our brother and sister churches in the PCA, and we hold to the Westminster Confession of Faith as the document containing the system of doctrines taught in the holy scriptures. 



1. To surface our unconscious cultural assumptions and majority privileges and yield them in love to others.

2. To affirm and endorse the assets in our community, especially the gifts and participation of minority cultures.

3. To accept as a body our call to the discomfort and tension in cross cultural ministry and our commitment to communicate and reconcile when it arises.

4. To promote diversity not as an end in itself but as an opportunity to demonstrate the love and unity of Jesus Christ through his Spirit.