In last sermon we learned that the fields of the Lord's Kingdom produce identifiable results that are mixed in tension with "weeds." We learned that these fields will be judged by God's own agents. In other words, we are the people through whom Jesus becomes King. This week Pastor Jim Picket walks us through "The parables of the Mustard Seed and the Yeast" (Matt. 13:31-35) and talks to us about the basis of God's kingdom - how the gospel fuels the God's kingdom size, diversity, comfort and history.

  1. We should be surprised by the size of the kingdom (v.31-32). It starts out very tiny and grows into something that we did not expect to be so big. Therefore, the kingdom is big and diversed. Since the foundation of the kingdom is the gospel the kingdom is never closed. This is a tension for us because we like things that are comfortable but this is a kingdom that crosses comfortableness. It does not show favoritism.

  2. We should be surprised by its habitat (comfort). The comfort of God's kingdom is Christ's dwelling among us. Because Christ is the foundation, the kingdom is a safehaven. (Micah 4:2). Every brother that comes in feels a safehaven.

  3. We should be surprise by the reach and infiltration of God's kingdom throughout generations.