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New City East Lake is a warm, friendly, and diverse community of people from all across the city. Our dress code is informal, and our worship reflects many cultures, genres, and traditions.

We are a body that seeks to be both cross-cultural and gospel centered, therefore we sing worship music from many different traditions, including black gospel, latino praise, traditional hymns and contemporary gospel and contemporary christian music. All of the preaching you will hear at East Lake is grounded in Scripture. Our worship includes songs sung in Spanish, and live translation is available for non-english speakers.


When you visit, please don't feel obligated to give money during the offering, and participate in the service as you feel comfortable. As a church body, we practice Communion on an every other week basis and welcome all who confess Jesus Christ as their redeemer and Lord. 


After you visit, we would love to talk more with about what your brought you to our church and how we can welcome you back! When you visit, we would love for you to check in with a member of the Hospitality Team, or drop an visitor card in the offering plate. That way, we can have a deacon, member of the hospitality team, or elder from the church reach out to you via phone or email.