Church Administrator

The Church Administrator at New City East Lake exists to bridge the gap between the mission and vision of the church and the daily operations of an urban, cross-cultural church. With oversight of human resources, facility management, finances, church communications, and staff culture and health, the Church Administrator is a key part of ensuring NCEL runs efficiently, giving special care and attention to ministry effectiveness and overall church health.

To accomplish this work, the Church Administrator will have three primary areas of responsibility:

1)  Operations Management,  2) Strategic Oversight, and 3) Mission Engagement

Operations Management (40%) - the Church Administrator is responsible for overseeing all daily operations at New City East Lake, including church finances, church communications and calendar, building use and facility requests, and ministry partner relationships.

  • Financial oversight → lead the Finance Committee to set and maintain yearly budgets and approve finance requests, anticipating the ongoing needs of the church both now and in the years to come. Work in partnership with the Church Office Assistant to categorize transactions, receive, approve, and deliver financial reimbursements, and distribute budget reports to staff and other ministry leaders on a monthly basis. Make regular cash and check deposits, ensuring that all monies given are accurately attributed. Monitor all bank accounts to ensure cash flow is on-track with expected contributions. If necessary, work with the Finance Committee to make budget adjustments, communicating any changes to the Session and ministry leaders. Communicate regularly with the contracted church bookkeeper to ensure all accounts are reconciled and in good order.
  • Manage the church facility, including receiving and closing all church maintenance requests, and proactively reviewing the building and grounds for larger maintenance needs. Plan and lead two church/community work days per year. Oversee the contracted janitorial service for the weekly cleaning and care of the facility.
  • Work in partnership with the Church Office Assistant to oversee and direct the church calendar, all church communication, including the church newsletter, church bulletins, and church social media accounts.
  • Pursue and steward positive and mutually beneficial relationships with all ministry partners utilizing New City East Lake facilities, focusing on bridging the gap between the staff of NCEL and the directors of these outside organizations.

Strategic Oversight (40%) - the Church Administrator is responsible for working in collaboration with each staff member,  focusing on creating a “team-oriented” culture and guiding and directing the staff to proactively facilitate the ongoing needs of the church. In addition, the Church Administrator is also responsible for overseeing all human resource needs and initiatives.

  • Human Resources → lead the Personnel Committee in all hiring processes, including researching and writing job descriptions, developing and delivering all compensation rules and packages, and bi-annual staff reviews. Partner with the Personnel Committee in setting annual goals with each ministry leader, ensuring that every staff member has all the resources needed to accomplish said goals.
  • Cultural development → continue to cultivate a culture of teamwork among the staff, assisting in leading weekly staff meetings, regular staff outings and development, and collaborative projects and events.
  • Staff coaching and development → meet regularly with individual staff for coaching and encouragement, checking in on overall ministry goals and pursuing accountability for these goals.
  • Work in collaboration with the Personnel Team to provide regular reviews for staff, make salary recommendations to the Finance Team, and hire and release staff as necessary.
  • Serve as the liaison between the Session and the staff → consult regularly with the Session to provide updates and summaries for the ongoing work of the staff. Facilitate positive and consistent communication between the staff and session, and between the staff and congregation as needed.

Mission Engagement (20%) - the Church Administrator serves as the catalyst for practically carrying out the mission and vision of NCEL, giving special attention to congregational care, ministry implementation, and community outreach.

  • Collaborate with the session and diaconate through systems and processes to proactively deliver congregational care through shepherding, pastoral care, and mercy for the congregation. Work closely with the Session, the Pastoral Care Committee, and the Diaconate to facilitate strong communication, teamwork, and effective application of congregational care.
  • Work in partnership with all ministry directors to locate and equip lay-members to accomplish the ministry of the church, focusing on creating low-barrier opportunities for increased congregational involvement.
  • Collaborate with the Director of Worship and the Pastoral Team to create meaningful opportunities in the Worship Service to foster understanding and relationship between the congregation and the ministry of the church.  

Job Requirements

  • Embraces New City East Lake’s mission, vision and cultural values
  • Demonstrates emotional health and spiritual maturity in personal relationships, good judgment, and personal integrity.
  • Enjoys challenging assignments and thrives in a complex and fluid ministry environment. Experience in cross-cultural ministry is preferred.
  • Winsome, team-oriented leader of leaders who is humble, teachable, approachable, committed to coaching, empowering, and equipping others
  • 3+ years of professional experience, experience with religious or 501(c)3 nonprofits a plus.

Job Information

This is a full-time, exempt position, with most hours to be completed from 9:00am - 4:30pm, Monday - Friday. Regular weekend events and evening meetings are a requirement, and the Church Administrator is able to adjust their own weekly schedule to accommodate these needs. Salary will be commensurate with experience.

How to


Interested applicants should submit a cover letter detailing their interest in the position, resume, and personal testimony of faith, to

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