Christians and Politics

When I was told that Tim Keller had written an op-ed piece on Christians and politics for the New York Times, I quickly went hunting for it.

I am glad that I did. I knew as soon as I had read it that I would post it for all of you to read.  His points are critical to our day and clarifying for the church.  It would be worth taking and discussing among yourselves in a small group or even informally on a night out together.

His reference to our being like the Joseph's, Daniel's, and I would add, Esther's of our day, is important.  As Tim points out, the principles of the kingdom of Christ are not of this world and therefore will always disappoint the political categories of this world.  It cannot be avoided. I hope that as you read the article, you are not discouraged, but you are inspired to be the kingdom of God on earth as you long for the better country God is preparing for us—not the one made out of this old earth but of his new heavenly one.  

Jim Pickett

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