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Dear New City East Lake:

In the last several weeks and months, the elders have continued to deliberate about the best plan for leading our congregation in this season of transition. While we have prayed and discussed next steps, it has become our unanimous desire to hire an Interim Pastor for the remainder of our pastoral search.

God has continually provided for our church in this time. From giving us gifted preachers like Randy Nabors, Paul Haun, Evan Marbury, and Gustavo Formenti (who we were also able to hire part-time), to bringing a moderator of the Session and congregation in Danny Mitchell, we feel and sense the Lord’s guidance and care in the midst of this difficult season.

As we considered the idea of hiring an Interim Pastor, we were especially concerned about finding a man that knows New City East Lake, understands our current context, believes in our mission and vision, and would help us transition well to our new Senior Pastor. Slowly, the Lord revealed to us that we had that man in our midst in Danny Mitchell. Danny is an ordained pastor in the PCA, has extensive experience in working with New City Fellowship Glenwood, and knows New City East Lake well. Danny has a great passion and desire for NCEL to thrive in this season of transition, and desires especially to care for and equip the church leadership in the coming months. It is with great enthusiasm that we unanimously recommend Danny Mitchell to serve as our Interim Pastor.

By God’s grace, we have the finances to hire this position starting in May, as our Finance Committee budgeted for such a position in their deliberations for the 2019 budget. With our potential (and hopeful) timeline of calling a Senior Pastor before the October 2019 Tennessee Valley Presbytery meeting, it is our desire that Danny serve as our Interim Pastor for the remainder of 2019, or as long as it takes for us to find a new Senior Pastor. Danny is willing and ready to serve in this role, and is excited to share with you about his heart for our church.

In preparation of our congregational meeting on May 5, where you will have plenty of opportunity to ask questions regarding this plan, about Danny Mitchell, and about the next chapter for our church, we have asked Danny to respond to several questions to give you a better understanding of his heart and desire to serve our church. While hiring an Interim Pastor does not require a call from the congregation, we want to give you all an opportunity to understand our hearts and vision and to give a vote of affirmation for this plan. So, during our meeting this Sunday, we will be asking the congregation to give a vote of affirmation for this plan after we have had time to answer questions about hiring Danny Mitchell as our Interim Pastor.

Please open this link to see Danny's answers to those questions.

We love you all and are grateful for the opportunity to serve you all in this season.

The Session of NCEL: Greg Davick, Al Herweyer, Bryan Holland, Tom Horne, Jose Ocando, and Ben Huffine

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