Preaching Series: The Irresisitible Church

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Over the next four months, visiting pastors at New City East Lake will be preaching through a series titled, "The Irresistible Church," using Matthew 4:18 - 7 as the central text.Please join with us in studying and praying through this text in the coming weeks!

What type of series is this?

For the month of January, Randy Nabors preached through a sermon series on “The Marks of an Excellent Ministry.” Here, Randy used 1 Thessalonians 2 to describe the characteristics and attributes that NCEL should be looking for in a new Senior Pastor. At the same time, Randy used this series to remind our church of who WE are called to be in Christ, “holy, righteous, and blameless.”

As we look for a new Senior Pastor in this season of transition, God’s calling on NCEL to be the Christian church continues. The Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 4:18 - 7) describes the Christian church in full - what it looks like to live in the Kingdom of God underthe rule of God. As Christians, we are called toexhibit Godly character and influence, pursue justice for our neighbors and one another, and live as the family of God every day.

The church that exhibits these Godly characteristics is irresistible. As a Session, we believe that our church has work to do in extending the love and mercy of God in this season, and Matthew 5-7 gives us a roadmap.

Why do we think this series is helpful?

As we continually look to God for direction in the coming months, we hope this series serves as a reminder of who we are called to be as followers of God. God is still calling us to be His church here in East Lake! We hope that this series is helpful because it provides consistent and straightforward teaching for our congregation, specifically by giving the congregation direction and action steps in this season without a Senior Pastor.

How do we think this series can benefit our congregation outside of Sunday morning?

Gustavo Formenti, our new Director of Adult Discipleship, will be writing "Reflection Guides" after each sermon and posting them publicly so that individuals or small groups can go deeper in this series if they so desire.

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