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Josiah Katumu
Josiah Katumu

Sunday Worship & Gatherings

The leadership of NCEL is considering switching our worship times from 11 am to 10 am starting next week. The service will premier at 10 am and remain available to watch later if you are not able to watch it at 10. We will confirm the worship time for next week as soon as possible.

Sunday, April 3, 2020

  • Prayer: 10-10:30 am, led by Bryan Holland
  • Worship:  11:00 am
  • Life Transition & Prayer: 5-6:00 pm, led by Danny Mitchell
  • Youth Group: 6-7:00 pm, led by Jack Stimart
  • These events are accessible here.

The complete Order of Worship (English & Spanish) will be sent out on Saturday afternoon, but they are also available during the Sermon along with the Children's Lesson & Children's Sermon notes under "Resources".

From the NCEL COVID-19 Task Force

Greetings from the task force.  We are recommending that everyone follows the state and national recommendations for personal safety.  Please access the sites below for current and accurate information:

National CDC guidelines
State of Tennessee guidelines  
Recommendations to protect yourself and your family

If you are sick, call your healthcare provider and they will guide you through your next steps. It is also important to take care of your spiritual needs through prayer and connecting with small groups or online gatherings found on our website.  Now would be a great time to join a small group if you do not have one. If you have specific questions for the New City East Lake Covid-19 Task Force please email Greg Davick.  

From the City of Chattanooga

Today April 2, Mayor Andy Berke signed Executive Order 2020-06, which includes several additional steps the City of Chattanooga is taking to protect residents and to help keep our community safe. Effective Friday, April 3, 2020, Mayor Berke is directing everyone in Chattanooga to observe a comprehensive shelter in place order. This means that all Chattanoogans must remain in their homes for all but the most critical activities such as going to work at an essential business, getting groceries, or receiving medical attention.  Other steps being taken are:

  1. Closing additional businesses and putting new health and safety requirements on businesses that must remain open.
  2. Closing child care centers and daycare centers to everyone except the children of essential personnel.
  3. Suspending access to parks and public spaces like the Walnut Street Bridge.

Survey from the Diaconate:

Thank you for your support as we (the Deacons) continue in our efforts to assist those in our church and community. Over the past week we have been overwhelmed by your generosity both in giving and willingness to help. We would like to continue to assess existing needs (physical and emotional) and abilities to help so we can effectively begin to coordinate support for our church and broader community, including our partner ministries, as we navigate the current public health crisis. Would you please take 5 minutes to fill out this survey?

The survey is not meant to be the only way to identify needs/way of helping but will provide the diaconate with a baseline of current and potential needs. As a reminder, if you are aware of a need or have a need, you can email and a member of the diaconate will reach out to you directly.

Christ is Risen - Let's Dance About It!

We are working on a special project to connect our congregation and help us celebrate Easter! We need your help to make it happen! Please record you and/or your family dancing to this song, and email it to Laini Huffine. Have fun with it! The dance does not have to be choreographed (though you are welcome to do that!) - feel free to just turn on the music and let the spirit move you! We need as many people as possible to do this, so don’t be shy and send your videos to Laini by Monday, April 6. ALL AGES ARE ENCOURAGED TO PARTICIPATE!

On-Line Gatherings

The leadership of New City East Lake wants to provide everyone with as many opportunities as possible to gather online for prayer, bible study, and fellowship. In order to obtain information and attend any of these Gatherings, please access our website here, and scroll down until you see the Gatherings and small groups listed.  Click on a particular card title for more info. We recommend downloading Zoom for the best video chatting experience.  If you have any questions, please contact Gustavo.

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