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Care Teams

Care teams are a loose group of about 25 members and regular attenders, shepherded and led by a team of three trained leaders (an elder, a deacon, and a lay person).

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Children's Ministry

Through the faithful teaching of God’s Word and through personal discipleship, our aim is to point children, both in our church and in the neighborhhood to Christ.

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ELECT (East Lake Every Child Taught) is an after-school tutoring program with two goals: to see kids academically succeed and to plant gospel truths in their heart.

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Help students primarily from Central America learn how to speak English. Classes are every Sunday. After class, we gather in the fellowship hall for a meal and a devotion.

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East Lake Expression Engine

Inspired by El Sistema, ELEE uses music as an effective tool for developing children’s creativity, problem-solving skills and building up a strong community.

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Our worship seeks to be joyful, God-honoring, and cross-cultural. Through worship, we remind our church of its mission, encourage the body in that work, and help prepare future leaders.

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