Visual Arts and Communication

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Tim Goldsmith and Yvonne Terney
Tim Goldsmith and Yvonne Terney

New City East Lake is a local church body at the intersection of multiple languages, traditions, histories and cultures. Each of these cultures possess and produce their own forms of visual culture. One way that we as a community have found to be an effective means of facilitating hospitality and cross-cultural understanding toward each other and our neighbors is through the use of art in our space. The East Lake neighborhood is also home to numerous artists, many of whom are members of our congregation. We seek to create opportunities for artists to contribute to the life of the church through the use of their gifts, to the glory of God.

In Worship:

Through a rotation of carefully developed and curated art installations and decor throughout the year on our sanctuary’s cross, built by Ray Padron, that correspond with seasons of the church calendar, sermon series and annual celebrations in accordance with Scripture, our mission, cross-cultural values and joyful, God-honoring worship. 

In Celebration:

Through periodic exhibits of artwork in our Gallery lobby that showcase work made by students from Expression Engine, VBS, artists who are members of the church, the surrounding neighborhood, as well as an annual showcase of cultural goods and artifacts from various Central and South American countries represented by members of our congregation during Latino Heritage Month. 

In Collaboration:

Through partnering with our artists, church ministries and teams to communicate the goings-on and needs of our community and to make space for sharing the work being done by kids in our Children’s ministry, Expression Engine, or Youth Ministry to the church and community throughout the building.

In Communication:

Through the production of weekly bulletins and email news-letters that provide accurate information about our church program, ministries and community life together; through the use of written wall text that provides explanations and contextual information regarding the various artwork and installations on display throughout the building.